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-go. singer, song writer, and guitarist, chuck brown, helped define d.c.'s music scene with this funky beat. tonight, fox 5 is remembering chuck brown. the godfather may be gone, but his music and influence lives on. >>> thank you for joining us, i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm brian bolter. chuck brown died at the age of 75 today. he was at john hopkins battling pneumonia. >> fox 5's audrey barnes begins our coverage. audrey. >> reporter: chuck brown was perhaps best known as the gadfather of go-go, but he was an incredible family man. he scheduled his concert appearances around his son's football games and he passed his music to his other son. he left his mark on d.c. as well. >> talk about going to ben's chili bowl. you talk about the lincoln theater, the howard theater, and you talk about chuck. because they are all institutions. >> love grown up loving chuck brown. he sang at her high school prom and to this day, she still moves by his music. >> i know all those chuck brown songs and when i hear one, i will get out of my car and dance in the street if i have to. chuck brown could no
campaign donations to pay off former candidate, sulaimon brown. the deal called for brown to take money in exchange for verbal attacks on mayor adrian fenty. he did not know about plans to pay brown. matt acklin has more. >> does the mayor know about any of this? >> reporter: no comment from tho thomas gore. earlier, he admitted to a federal judge that he would take out money orders, give them to another unnamed campaign worker, who would then give them to sulaimon brown. a total of $660 worth. and when sulaimon brown went to the media, gore says he shredded a notebook with payment records. >> i think mr. gore said in court today that there was an agreement between he and, i think it was person a. and person a did his part. mr. gore did his part. >> gore's attorney tells us his client is working with federal authorities as they continue their probe into gray's campaign. >> whatever they asked. >> cook believes federal authorities are not done yet. >> i believe that the government will charge additional fee. >> one of those people might be who prosecutors refer to as person a. go
. >> reporter: according to federal authorities, sulaimon brown was not lying when he said members of gray's campaign paid him to stay in the race. brown has always said the mayor knew about it. the mayor has always denied it. >> i think i'll just stay with what i said before. there's obviously a continuing investigation and has been for months. i've said pretty much the same thing for months. >> reporter: wednesday gray's campaign worker howard brooks was charged with making a false statement to the fbi when he said he never gave money to sulaimon brown's campaign. we went to brooks' silver spring home seeking comment, but no one answered the door. before he was charged this morning council member mary cheh who led an investigation into wrongdoing talked about howard brooks. >> that led us to allegations by mr. brown and we made a conclusion, a number of conclusions in that report, that money was paid by howard brooks, someone who took the fifth amendment and wouldn't testify before us. >> reporter: sources believe just like thomas gore who pleaded guilty yesterday howard brooks is also
and gave it to then mayoral candidate suleman brown. they say the plan was to pay brown to stay in the race and verbally attack then mayor adrian fenty. prosecutors say gore would take out money orders. then brooks would put false names on them and hand them over to sulaimon brown. the money orders had a total value of more than $2,000. brooks said he had been instructed to give the money to brown, but it's unclear who instructed him to do so. his attorney, former prince george's county state's attorney glenn ivey, says brooks regrets what he did. >> he realized it was time to accept responsibility for what he'd done. he realized he'd made a very serious mistake in the way he'd gone about handling this initially and he wanted to get it back on the right track. >> u.s. attorney ronald machen wouldn't say if anyone else is involved, only that the investigation continues and that it is important the truth come out. >> the underlying charges go to the very heart of our electoral system. we need to have a fair and honest system of elections and obviously mr. brooks along with others violated tha
tribute to d.c. music legend chuck brown. they lined up by the thousands outside howard theater for a public viewing of the late father of go go. fox 5's karen gray houston was out there, also. this was like a celebration. >> it was a celebration of the man's life and it was a day long viewing. it was supposed to end at 10:00, but around 8:30 torrential rain and lightning and thunder forced d.c. police to close the doors. angry fans protested and the doors were reopened. the wake for the most part was more joyful than sad. many fans just wanted to see chuck brown one last time. the day had a somber beginning for the tens of thousands of loyal chuck brown fans who lined up outside howard theater for the chance to file by his casket. as flamboyant in death as he ever was in life, but nothing could stop some folks from turning a sober event into a happy occasion. the wake spilled over into a huge public block party. where go go was not just for older music lovers, but diehard fans have strong memories. >> his greatest legacy is how much he loved doing what he did and sharing it wit
from the final farewell to check brown. the behind-the-scenes look as bands that will pay tribute will prepare for tomorrow's service. >>> it's a rare night here in d.c we have been dealing with m we are storm-free tonight and it looks like we've got a really nice overnight temperature prediction and comfortable humidity. what's ahead for thursday and the weekend? i'll have that forecast a bit later. >>> tonight on the news edge at 11:00, a major security breach at a u.s. airport. how a man was able to by pass security and sneak on to a plane. how he got busted.  >>> tomorrow will mark the final good-bye for the godfather of go-go. public memorial service for chuck brown will begin at noon at the washington convention center. it will be full of energy, just like brown always was. ♪ >> reporter: les jones and the seven sons of soul, just one of the groups that will be performing. warming up during rehearsal at the perfect found studio in hyattsville. they credited chuck brown with creating go-go, coming up with an original sound and being a leader. >> when we were ki
of the memorial day ride. >> plus honoring the godfather of go go, local students making sure chuck brown is remembered for generations to come.  >>> rolling thunder, thousands of bikers remembering the fallen, but it's not just those who were killed the annual ride remembers. rolling thunder focuses on those who never came home, prisoners of war and those missing in action still unacted for. we have their tribute. >> basically rolling thunder is really big on awareness about pows and mias, but they're also supportive of veterans from every war and making sure the public is aware of what is going on with veterans and people who place their lives on the lines every day for them. >> we've got to educate our kids. i get frustrated time i have to explain to an ed teen or 20- year-old when -- to an 18 or 20- year-old when i have to explain what p.o.w. or mia means. >> people don't know that there are p.o.w.s in a modern war. everybody is familiar with jessica lynch. outside of them we have bo birddahl who is currently a p.o.w. captured in 2009. >> it's what are wrenching and makes me fe
, trooper wesley brown, was just 24 years old when he was shot to death at an applebee's restaurant in forestville. he was working security when he ordered cyril williams to leave for being drunk and disorderly. williams left but came back and gunned down trooper brown. fox 5's john henrehan has the story. >> reporter: in the early morning hours of june 11th, 2010, the applebee's restaurant in forestville, maryland, was crowded. two off-duty lawmen were working security when managers complained that this man cyril williams urinated while standing at the bar. this security video shows the two lawmen conducting williams outside the restaurant. cyril william drove away, then came back. when 24-year-old state trooper wesley brown stepped outside the restaurant door to take a phone call, he was cut down by gunfire. >> to have someone, anyone to die around you but have a partner of yours who you cared for that cared for everyone else take his last breath from your arms is something you can't comment about how you feel about that, something you carry with you all the time. >> reporter: i
. in chuck brown died yesterday after battling pneumonia. go go is playing chuck 24/7 and fans are calling in to express their feeling about the d.c. legend. one of the owners of the internet radio station says brown's creation wasn't just about the beat and the music. >> all the bands come off his style. so we just are celebrating him as we would any other. i mean he is our michael jackson basically. >> chuck brown was 75 years old. >>> a warning for drivers in northern virginia, a local county is looking to hand out more traffic tickets, but we're not talking red light cameras, the plan in the works next. >> plus facebook names its price. we talk with a financial expert next about one of the biggest initial public offerings ever. >> and coming up on the edge a neighborhood is taking extra precautions nearly a week after two women were assaulted. we'll be right back. [ mechanical humming ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter f
questions about her ancestry. she claims to have native american heritage, but scott brown is calling her out and now he wants to look at her records. bob ward reports. >> senator, what is it that you would like elizabeth warren to come clean on. >> listen, all i've asked is the same thing you've been asking, to answer the questions and tell the truth. and the fact that she has been stone walling. >> the stone wall senator brown is referring to is this. fox 25sharmon's interaction on thursday. >> can you put this issue to bed and tell us whether or not you are a member of a minority group? >> middle class families are getting hammered. i have been talking to people all across the commonwealth. >> members o of the cherokee nation want to know, they say you should come clean. >> i have made the facts clear. i am trying to talk about in this senate race what matters to america's families. >> that's not all. boston globe and the website both have touched stories on the claims. either harvard university or warren herself quote, repeatedly classified warren as a native person and paid f
the parties. >> i want my name cleared. >> reporter: former mayoral candidate sulaimon brown said from the beginning gray campaign aides slipped him cash and money orders in exchange for bashing former mayor adrian fenty in debates. brown took his case to the media when he was fired and had a restraining order against him. gore around that same time prosecutors say knowingly destroyed a spiral notebook containing a record of payments to candidate b. >> people don't usually enter into pleas under arrangement like this unless they're giving up information and usually it's information on somebody higher up than they are. >> reporter: mayor dre repeatedly denied any campaign mis-- gray repeatedly denied any campaign misbehavior. >> i can't even imagine engaging in self-reprehensible behavior and i know absolutely nothing about anyone in my campaign who did that. >> for now mayor gray is at a las vegas convention. his people are referring questions to his attorney bob bennett. bennett told me it would be inappropriate for him, the mayor or gray's office to comment during an ongoing investi
are signatures from both sides. in the fox 5 newsroom, i'm paul wagner. >>> d. c.'s chuck brown, known as the god father of go go is in the hospital with pneumonia. his daughter saying he is recovering. doctors removed the blood clot and brown developed pneumonia. the 75-year-old performer canceled all of his may gigs. the national cathedral will dedicate a statue to rosa parks. the statue will be installed thursday. the figure will stand near a statue of former first lady, eleanor roosevelt. parks passed away seven years ago. >>> the do or die drama tomorrow night. also ahead. >> chaos in the kitchen. these teen chefs are learning to cook. they are learning a whole lot more than that. i'm beth parker, that story coming up.  >>> welcome back, everyone. as you know, it is do or die time for the washington capitals. oh my gosh, this next game is an important one. >> it is because if they lose it, their season is over. and the last game, they had it won. we all thought, hold on for six seconds and they are going to win. now the whole series is going a different direction. they
brown is talking about her son, 19-year- old dustin gross, the private first class died earlier this week while fighting in afghanistan. >> there's no doubt in my mind that he would be so appreciative of everyone and he would be overwhelmed. he wouldn't believe it. >> reporter: gross' aunt jill tipton helped organize saturday's donation drive. >> there's a whole other world over there and we need to do what we can to suspect those guys. >> reporter: right now it seems the community is supporting gross' family. >> we can't express the love we feel, the gratitude. it's just very overwhelming. we thank each and everyone. >> reporter: in all they packed 350 boxes to send to 350 soldiers. >> very few know that they'll receive them. >> reporter: that's allowing brown to turn her heartache into help. >>> a military homecoming with a twist, this time the marine being surprised. sergeant jeremy cooney returned home from iraq to see his 6- year-old son michael walking for the first time. michael suffers from cerebral palsy and doctors said he'd never be able to walk on his own, but af
.c. council during budget talks. chairman kwame brown says he's considering a special hearing to take a serious look at all the tickets and other fees handed out by the government. fox 5's matt ackland has the story. >> at some point we just have to stop this ticketing our residents for everything. we might get a ticket if we walk out the door right now. >> reporter: chairman brown says he hears complaints often about speed cameras, red light cameras and higher rates to park on the streets. >> when you talk to residents on the street, they're just getting ticketed and feed for everything moving and we should take a real serious look at this. >> reporter: all those fines add up to hundreds of millions of dollars. like it or not, that money is used to prop up the budget. >> everyone said we didn't raise any taxes, but we doubled and tripled all the fees and people are just tired of these huge fees and it's time to reduce it. we didn't do it to stop all this -- some of this stuff. we did it to raise money. >> reporter: in another way to raise money mayor gray proposed extending bar ho
of the appointments. >> reporter: council chairman kwame brown is also concerned about the delay but seemed to give the mayor a little slack on timing. >> clearly you're always concerned things aren't moving as quickly as possible, but at the same time, you know, the executive has been reaching out trying to make sure that they have qualified applicants, but more importantly, that they're properly vetted. >> reporter: mayor gray's office says a list of strong nominees should be sent to the council soon but would not be specific on the exact time. all nominees must be thoroughly vetted and that's taking more time. >> it will be great if we could have the board up and running. that is our main objective. >> at a budget press conference this morning i had a chance to ask chairman kwame brown if he has spoken to former council member thomas. he sort of avoided the question, didn't say if he had, but he did say he'd spoken to thomas' wife and seen harry thomas' children. matt ackland, fox 5 news. >>> you may soon get a chance to read some of the last things osama bin laden ever wrote. navy seals seized
of reyvon stone, don fitzgerald hancock and demarko brown. there is a $25,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest and conviction. for now the children are in hiding protected by yolanda stone's sister. friends and family are holding a candlelight vigil for stone saturday night outside springarn high school. a funeral is set for monday morning. selena cook says she will not be able to see her grandkids and they will not come out of hiding until her son is caught or turns himself in. if you know where reynard cook is tonight, you're asked to call d.c. police at 202-727-9099. in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wagner. >>> 10 years ago today a 15- year-old boy was shot and killed as he left the go go in prince george's county. ricky luke was riding in a car with several friends when another car pulled alongside and opened fire near the intersection of silver hill road and swan road. investigators believe the shooting has ties to a fight inside the new hot cafe, but the case remains unsolved. >> until someone comes forward and i get some closure it's going to be a bitter place for
and shook the barrel it was. in. >> reporter: the browns know that feeling. their son mattie battled bone cancer. when you ask them how long mattie has been gone they answer not in years, but in days, 976. >> having lived through that experience we want to try to give back and we want to try to help other children and families '. >> reporter: they also want to keep mattie's memory alive and organized the mattie miracle cancer walk. the money raised sunday, may 20th, will help pay jess' salary at georgetown. the walk began in 2009 when mattie was still alive. >> i see lots of children at the event with their familiars and i'm happy they're having a great -- families and i'm happy they're having a great time and i guess a part of me wishes somewhere along the line mattie will pop up and see us at the walk, but i know he's there with us in spirit. >> reporter: mattie and a lease, why never alone. >> love you. >> reporter: in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. and alesia, never alone. >> love you. >> reporter: in washington beth parker, fox 5 news. >> you can register online or in perso
go, details on chuck brown's public viewing tomorrow. find out where and when to pay your respects to the legend. [ female announcer ] with xfinity, you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> teen idol justin bieber accused of assaulting a photographer in california. tmz reports the photographer tried to take bieber's picture with his girl friend salina gomez. some kind of confrontation ensued at a mall near malibu. the photographer went to a hospital complaining of pa
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